"Tactics of love" means "밀당" in Korean.

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Pronunciation mil-ttang
meaning Tactics of love
"Tactics of love" is "밀당"(mil-ttang) in Korean.
It is abbreviation of 밀고 당기기(Mil go danggigi). The literal translation is "Push and Pull". Of course, this is depending on the person. Pushing and Pulling have an important meaning in the first stage of love. But if there is no favor to the person then, such tactics don’t have effect. A future likely to develop into love, each men and women nor lover even friends, Sseomssing Nam (썸씽남), Sseomssing Nyeo is referred to as a (썸씽녀), that you are in such a state 썸 타다(Sseom ta da).
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  • Korean of "Love, Marrage"

  • 작업(pick up (a girl))
  • 불화(rift)
  • 미련(lingering attachment)
  • 미팅(group blind dating)
  • 세컨드(mistress)
  • 영원(eternal)
  • 신혼 생활(newly-married life)
  • 사실혼(commonlaw marriage)
  • 로맨스(romance)
  • 외도(affair)
  • 발렌타인데이(St. Valentine's Day)
  • 폭탄(fugly)
  • 밀당(Tactics of love)
  • 삼각관계(love triangle)
  • 실버데이(silver day)
  • 밀회(assignation)
  • 그린데이(green day)
  • 짝사랑(unrequited love)
  • 동거녀(cohab)
  • 피임(contraception)
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