"The gullible, truly vulnerable, it is easy to believe" means "귀가 얇다" in Korean.

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귀가 얇다
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Pronunciation kwi-ga yal-tta
meaning The gullible, truly vulnerable, it is easy to believe
"The gullible, truly vulnerable, it is easy to believe" is "귀가 얇다"(kwi-ga yal-tta) in Korean.
The literal translation is, ear is thin. But it truly means it would easily believe that what people say, gullible meaning.
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  • 너스레를 떨다(make a chat)
  • 성가시게 굴다(vex)
  • 개미처럼 가늘다(As thin as ant)
  • 꼬리가 꼬리를 물다(The successive, e..
  • 개념이 없다(He's so a jerk)
  • 콧대(가) 높다(be proud)
  • 귀가 닳도록 듣다(hear many times)
  • 가지고 놀다(Had been played;cheat..
  • 뒷북(을) 치다(Make a big waste at..
  • 남(의) 이야기가 아니다(Not that other..
  • 구린내가 나다(Suspicious, to smell..
  • 기(가) 죽다(Depressed)
  • 가슴속에 남다(Remain in the mind)
  • 귓등으로 듣다(hear abstractedly)
  • 여념이 없다(be absorbed in)
  • 콧방귀를 뀌다(snorts)
  • 무릎을 꿇다(give in)
  • 본전도 못 찾다(lose everything)
  • 구설수에 오르다(Become public rumor..
  • 성을 갈다(I change my last name)
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