"I'll give the wedding" means "국수를 먹다" in Korean.

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국수를 먹다
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Pronunciation kuk-ssu-rŭl mŏk-tta
meaning I''ll give the wedding
"I''ll give the wedding" is "국수를 먹다"(kuk-ssu-rŭl mŏk-tta) in Korean.
The 국수 (Guksu), means noodles. In south korea in wedding day the main people are providing noodles to the guest, rather than the people who are in a position to get married, the expression people of position to be invited to use. It is often used when it is cast as "Get marry?" To people who not yet married.
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  • 사귀다(date)
  • 여자 친구(girl friend)
  • 사랑하다(love)
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