"boyfriend" means "남친" in Korean.

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Pronunciation nam-chin
meaning boyfriend
"boyfriend" is "남친"(nam-chin) in Korean.

Namuchin (남친) is an abbreviation of "Namjachingu (boyfriend)". Although the literal translation is the "male friends", most that it points to the specific male actually are dating. It means "boyfriend".
Korean couple a fairly conservative, more men older, conscious that it is strong. Although as especially marriage tend to dislike that the age of the woman is much larger than the male in both men and women, in recent years has been such a thought also have gradually faded. By the way, younger boyfriend called "연하의 남자 친구 (Younger Boyfriend)" younger is " 연하 that (Jonah) ". On the other hand Older is "Yeonsang (Older Boyfriend) ",
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  • 은혼식(silver wedding)
  • 기혼자(married person)
  • 애정(affection)
  • 금사빠(who immediately fall in ..
  • 어장관리(Friendzone)
  • 첫눈(first snow)
  • 짝사랑(unrequited love)
  • 매력적(charming)
  • 빼빼로데이(pepero day)
  • 청첩장(invitation card)
  • 양다리(two-time)
  • 유부녀(married woman)
  • 순애(pure love)
  • 완소녀(Very important woman)
  • 부자가정(motherless family)
  • 와인데이(wine day)
  • 블랙데이(black day)
  • 커플링(couple ring)
  • 완소남(Very important man)
  • 남편(husband)
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