"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." means "제 눈에 안경" in Korean.

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제 눈에 안경
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Pronunciation che nu-ne an-gyŏng
meaning Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." is "제 눈에 안경"(che nu-ne an-gyŏng) in Korean.
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  • 귀에 들어오다(enter the ear)
  • 귀를 의심하다(doubt the ear)
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  • 가진 게 없다(Poor, have nothing)
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  • 입이 무겁다(close one's mouth)
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  • 가슴이 뜨겁다(Heart is hot, it's p..
  • 힘(을) 주다(emphasize)
  • 날을 받다(decide the wedding day..
  • 고개를 끄덕이다(nod, agree to)
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  • 구슬땀을 흘리다(sweat beads of swea..
  • 가슴에 와 닿다(The smarting to kee..
  • 뚜껑을 열다(get results)
  • 꼬리가 꼬리를 물다(The successive, e..
  • 그림의 떡(Pie in the sky)
  • 낙동강 오리알(Away from the herd t..
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