"Away from the herd that, it is left lonely" means "낙동강 오리알" in Korean.

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낙동강 오리알
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Pronunciation nak-ttong-gang o-ri-al
meaning Away from the herd that, it is left lonely
"Away from the herd that, it is left lonely" is "낙동강 오리알"(nak-ttong-gang o-ri-al) in Korean.
That apart from the herd, be left behind lonely. In 1950 at Korea the time of the war, the United Nations military forces to have been cornered to Busan to shell the Korean People's Army from the hill. This fight was a win-win situation to the United Nations (South Korea) military side. The soldiers of the Korean People's Army is sniper in time, although soldiers when you hit the ball is said to be derived from the fact that cried generals who looked at how the fall in the Nakdong River is the "egg of duck fall in the Nakdong River" , actually it is not well understood. 낙동강 (Nakudongang, Nakdong River) and is the longest river in the Republic of Korea government governance, is vertical the Gyeongsang provinces, is a river that flows to the sea from Busan.
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