"That of middle-aged men who try to keep his youth" means "노무족" in Korean.

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Pronunciation no-mu-jok
meaning That of middle-aged men who try to keep his youth
"That of middle-aged men who try to keep his youth" is "노무족"(no-mu-jok) in Korean.
"Middle-aged men who try to keep his youth" is called as 노무족 (Nomujok) in Korean.
"노무족 (Nomujok)" and is that of wearing a NOMU in the word "NO More Uncle". Who can fashionable and stylish fashion to keep the youthfulness "No more Uncle in here", working hard to physical fitness development and health promotion, or the anti-aging. They are middle-aged men in their 40s or 50s thing. Words that appeared in the early 2000s. Such this kind of man has increased, and it is also mean that households of middle-aged men has increased, so some people are giving their interest to this generation as a market. That of middle-aged women who take action, such as similar to this 나우족 that (Nowjok)
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