"ten thousand" means "만" in Korean.

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Pronunciation man
meaning ten thousand
"ten thousand" is "만"(man) in Korean.
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Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
회사를 그두다(kaisha-wo-yameru)
간에, そのうちに before long
에 하나(manga-ichi) by any possibility
천군마(sengumbamba), 鬼に金棒 a thousand troops supporting
족(daimanzoku) great satisfaction
성질환, 慢性病 chronic disease
하다(houman-da), 豊かだ voluptuous
그런가 Might think everyone so, probably funny.
자기의 방식(jiko-ryu) in one's own style
강(toman-kou) Dumangang river
찢남 Such as having gone out from the girl’s cartoon.
우주 As space
그들의 리그 Way of selfish population
루홈런(manrui-homuran) grand slam
(taiman) negligence
(goman) arrogance
(yaban) barbarian
잠시 기다려 주십시오(shoshoomachikudasai) Wait a minute, please.
연하다(manen-suru), 蔓延する, 繁茂する prevail
발하다(mankai-da), 咲き乱れる
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