"Window of society" means "남대문이 열렸다" in Korean.

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남대문이 열렸다
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meaning Window of society
"Window of society" is "남대문이 열렸다" in Korean.
It is one of Seoul of the four major gates, is a term that is applied to the Namdaemun (남대문). Namdaemun officially called Sungryemun to, is the No. 1 Korean national treasure. But on the other hand is also means men pants zipper, so we call “Your Namdaemun is open” which means your zipper is open.
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  • 가위 눌리다(I meet paralyzed)
  • 생각이 들다()
  • 가슴을 쓸어내리다(Rest assured)
  • 감이 오다(Situation can be grasp..
  • 없어 보이다()
  • 닭살이 돋다(get goosebumps)
  • 가슴이 뜨끔하다(Prick at one's cons..
  • 군불을 때다(burn to heat)
  • 가슴을 열다(It open my heart)
  • 날개 돋친 듯이 팔리다(Sell like hot c..
  • 재(를) 뿌리다(hear many times)
  • 힘을 들이다(emphasize)
  • 귀를 기울이다(pay an attention)
  • 가면을 벗다(I reveal the true fee..
  • 가슴이 뜨겁다(Heart is hot, it's p..
  • 너 나 할 것 없이(Everyone)
  • 가슴이 아프다(someone's heart ache..
  • 어림(도) 없다(cannot compete with..
  • 깨소금 맛이다(Thrilling)
  • 신물(이) 나다(be tired of)
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