"Window of society" means "남대문이 열렸다" in Korean.

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남대문이 열렸다
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meaning Window of society
"Window of society" is "남대문이 열렸다" in Korean.
It is one of Seoul of the four major gates, is a term that is applied to the Namdaemun (남대문). Namdaemun officially called Sungryemun to, is the No. 1 Korean national treasure. But on the other hand is also means men pants zipper, so we call “Your Namdaemun is open” which means your zipper is open.
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  • 귀에 들어오다(enter the ear)
  • 성가시게 굴다(vex)
  • 기(가) 죽다(Depressed)
  • 가슴이 뭉클하다(Inspiring)
  • 본전도 못 찾다(lose everything)
  • 눈에 거슬리다(stick out like a sor..
  • 날새다(Expected there is no, th..
  • 가려운 곳을 긁어 주다(And access the ..
  • 쑥대밭이 되다(be completely devast..
  • 개미처럼 가늘다(As thin as ant)
  • 신물(이) 나다(be tired of)
  • 선을 긋다(draw a line)
  • 낯이 두껍다(The brazen)
  • 가슴이 넓다(Humble and open-minde..
  • 게눈 감추듯(Quick)
  • 가슴이 뿌듯하다(Proud, pleased)
  • 화(를) 풀다()
  • 몸서리(를) 치다(tremble)
  • 마음에 들다(like)
  • 필름이 끊기다(black out)
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