"I permeates the chest and heart" means "가슴을 저미다" in Korean.

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가슴을 저미다
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Pronunciation ka-sŭ-mŭl chŏ-mi-da
meaning I permeates the chest and heart
"I permeates the chest and heart" is "가슴을 저미다"(ka-sŭ-mŭl chŏ-mi-da) in Korean.
It literally means close your chest while it truly means that you are sad.
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  • 기가 차다(Stunned, and amazed)
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  • 필름이 끊기다(black out)
  • 운명에 맡기다(leave to chance)
  • 성을 갈다(I change my last name)
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