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Housing & real estate
Housing & real estate
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
고시원 ko-shi-wŏn
세입자 se-ip-tcha
빈방 pin-bang
취득세 chwi-dŭk-sse acquisition tax
단지 dan-ji apartment complex
민박 min-bak bed and breakfast
담요 tam-nyo blanket
빌딩 pil-ting building
건물 kŏn-mul building
사택 sa-taek company housing
보증금 po-jŭng-gŭm deposit
기숙사 ki-suk-ssa dormitory
ttang earth
chip house
주택 chu-taek housing
토지 to-ji land
땅주인 ttang-ju-in landlord
임대업 im-dae-ŏp lease business
공인중개사 gong-in-jung-gae-sa licensed real estate agent
관리비 kwal-li-bi maintenance cost
월세 wŏl-sse month's rent
저당 chŏ-dang mortgage
모텔 mo-tel motel
이사 i-sa moving
복부인 Bok buin Mrs. to perform real estate speculation in full-time
현주소 hyŏn-ju-so one's current address
자택 cha-taek oneself a house
부동산 pu-dong-san property
부동산 임대업 pu-dong-san im-dae-ŏp property lease business
리모델링 ri-mo-del-ling remodeling
집세 chip-sse rent
임대료 im-dae-ryo rent
전매 chŏn-mae resale
거주자 kŏ-ju-ja resident
주택가 chu-taek-kka residential area
주택지 chu-taek-tchi residential section
매각 mae-gak sell off
원룸 won-lum studio apartment
양도세 yang-do-sse transfer tax
빌라 pil-la Villa
별장 pyŏl-tchang villa
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