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Mail, telephone
Mail, telephone
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
콜렉트콜 kol-lek-tŭ-kol collect call
통신비 tong-shin-bi communication expenses
통화 중 tong-hwa-jung in a call
국제전화 kuk-tche-jŏn-hwa international call
지역 번호 chi-yŏk-ppŏn-ho local code
시외 전화 shi-oe chŏn-hwa long-distance call
전화를 걸다 chŏn-hwa-rŭl gŏl-da make a phone call
대포폰 tae-po-pon Mobile phone is opened in the name of someone else
휴대 전화 hyu-dae-jŏn-hwa mobile telephone
공중전화 kong-jung-jŏn-hwa public telephone
전파 chŏn-pa radio wave
수화기 su-hwa-gi receiver
착신 chak-ssin receiving
중고폰 chung-go-pon secondhand cellphone
스마트폰 sŭ-ma-tŭ-pon smartphone
스마트폰 노안 sŭ-ma-tŭ-pon no-an Smartphone presbyopia
태블릿 PC tae-bŭl-lit pi-ssi tablet pc
전화를 하다 chŏn-hwa-rŭl ha-da telephone
전화 chŏn-hwa telephone
전화 카드 chŏn-hwa ka-dŭ telephone card
전화번호 chŏn-hwa-bŏn-ho telephone number
전화가 오다 chŏn-hwa-ga o-da telephone rings
시외 통화 shi-oe tong-hwa toll call
화상전화 hwa-sang-jŏn-hwa videophone
자동응답 cha-dong-ŭng-dap voice mail
잠시만 기다려 주십시오 cham-shi-man ki-da-ryŏ chu-ship-ssi-o Wait a minute, please.
누구세요 nu-gu-se-yo Who is it?
어디세요 ŏ-di-se-yo who's calling, please?
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