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Question, Response
Question, Response
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
여쭈다 yŏ-tchu-da ask
묻다 mut-tta ask
좋네 chon-ne Good!
대단해 tae-dan-hae Great!
미안합니다 mi-an-ham-ni-da I am sorry.
알았어 a-ra-ssŏ I got it.
있잖아 it-tcha-na I tell you what
과연 kwa-yŏn indeed
아니요 a-ni-yo no
아뇨 a-nyo no
물론이에요 mul-lo-ni-e-yo Of course.
말대꾸 mal-dae-kku talk back
그래요 kŭ-rae-yo That’s right.
그렇지요 kŭ-rŏ-chi-yo That's right
ne yes
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