"If not rise above do not win the opponent" means "너를 넘어야 내가 산다" in Korean.

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너를 넘어야 내가 산다
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Pronunciation nŏ-rŭl nŏ-mŏ-ya nae-ga san-da
meaning If not rise above do not win the opponent
"If not rise above do not win the opponent" is "너를 넘어야 내가 산다"(nŏ-rŭl nŏ-mŏ-ya nae-ga san-da) in Korean.
The literal translation is, "when it is more than you, I will be alive."
In sports, to represent a situation where not rise above, then do not win the game.
In particular, it is often used in harsh conditions that cannot be is win and goals not always win in the important time.
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