"Remain in the mind" means "가슴속에 남다" in Korean.

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가슴속에 남다
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Pronunciation ka-sŭm so-ge nam-tta
meaning Remain in the mind
"Remain in the mind" is "가슴속에 남다"(ka-sŭm so-ge nam-tta) in Korean.
When literal translation to and remain in the back of the chest. It is compound word of가슴 (Gasum, chest), 속 (Sok, back), 남다 (Namda, remain).
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  • 있어 보이다()
  • 신물(이) 나다(be tired of)
  • 성을 갈다(I change my last name)
  • 나이가 차다(There’s an full age)
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  • 개뿔도 없다(It's not big deal)
  • 소름이 끼치다(I got goose bumps)
  • 깨가 쏟아지다(Harmonious, it's ver..
  • 고개(를) 들다(Starts to move, it ..
  • 낯(이) 뜨겁다(The brazen)
  • 싸가지가 없다(ill‐mannered)
  • 죽이 맞다(gets along well with)
  • 검은 머리 파뿌리 되도록(And for many y..
  • 발이 넓다(well-connected)
  • 재수(가) 없다(not my day)
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  • 낯(이) 설다(There is no acquaint..
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