"aspect" means "면" in Korean.

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Pronunciation myŏn
meaning aspect
"aspect" is "면"(myŏn) in Korean.
Related words
Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
다시 말하(ii-naose-ba), もう一度言うと
책 특권(mensekitokken) have the privilege of exemption from liability
성(ryou-men-sei) two-sidedness
죄부(menzaifu) indulgence
역력(men-eki-ryoku) immune strength
(eimin) eternal sleep
을 벗다(hon-shin-wo-aka-su), 正体を表す(shoutai-wo-arawa-su), 正体を現す I reveal the true feelings
모 아니 도(ichika-bachi-ka), 勝負に出る all or nothing
백지장도 맞들 낫다 Two heads are better than one.
기대가 크 실망도 크다 If expectations is large then it gives greater disappointment.
하다(kimbenna) industry
같은 값이, どうせやるなら, 同じことなら If it is then, do it anyway
날이 날마다 Every day
이를테(tatoeba), 言うなれば(iunareba) for example
운전허(unten-menkyo) driver's license
대(senmen-dai) sink
접시험(mensetsu-shiken), 接選考 interview
도를 하다(hige-wo-soru) shave
을 끓이다(ramen-wo-tsuku-ru) cook ramen
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