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Currency and money
Currency and money
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
거금 kŏ-gŭm
바트 pa-tŭ baht
어음 ŏ-ŭm bill
현찰 hyŏn-chal cash
센트 sen-teu cent
수표 su-pyo check
주화 chu-hwa coin
잔돈 chan-don coin
신용카드 sin-nyong-ka-deu credit card
달러 tal-lŏ dollar
유로 yu-ro euro
오만 원 o-ma-nwŏn fifty thousand won
오천 원 o-chŏ-nwŏn five thousand won
프랑 pŭ-rang franc
홍콩 달러 hong-kong-dal-leo Hongkong dollar
환전소 hwan-jŏn-so money exchange counter
백 원 pae-gwŏn one hundred won
천 원 chŏ-nwŏn one thousand won
일 원 i-rwŏn one won
페니 pe-ni penny
페소 pe-so peso
파운드 pa-un-dŭ pound
잔액 cha-naek remaining amount
루피 ru-pi rupee
만 원 ma-nwon ten thousand won
십 원 si-bwon ten won
cho trillion
pu wealth
wŏn won
어치 ŏ-chi worth
위안화 wi-an-hwa yuan
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