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Direction and position
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
주위 chu-wi circumference
이리 i-ri come here
모퉁이 mo-tung-i corner
방향 pang-hyang direction
똑바로 ttok-ppa-ro directly
동부 tong-bu eastern part
안쪽 an-tchok inside
sok inside
좌우 chwa-u left and right
위치 wi-chi location
아래 a-rae lower
한가운데 han-ga-un-de middle
남북 nam-buk north and south
북위 pu-gwi north latitude
동북 tong-buk northeast
북부 puk-ppu northern part
북북서 puk-ppuk-ssŏ north-northwest
장소 chang-so place
후방 hu-bang rear
yeop side
동남 tong-nam southeast
남쪽 nam-tchok southern
공간 kong-gan space
ap the front
반대측 pan-dae-chŭk the opposite
오른쪽 o-rŭn-tchok the right side
wi top
상하 sang-ha top and bottom
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