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Korean Pronunciation Meaning
출신 chul-ssin come from
안녕하세요 an-nyŏng-ha-se-yo Hello
처음 뵙겠습니다 cheo-eum boep-get-seum-ni-da How do you do?
나이가 어떻게 되세요? na-i-ga ŏ-ttŏ-ke toe-se-yo How old are you?
몇 살이에요? myŏt ssa-ri-e-yo How old are you?
성함 sŏng-ham name
성명 sŏng-myŏng name
잘 부탁합니다. chal pu-ta-kam-ni-da Thank you in advance.
몇 학년이에요? myŏ tang-nyŏ-ni-e-yo What grade are you in?
몇 년생이에요? myŏn nyŏn-saeng-i-e-yo When were you born?
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