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정리하다 chŏng-ni-ha-da arrangement
빗자루 pit-tcha-ru broom
브러시 pŭ-rŏ-shi brush
세차 se-cha car wash
닦다 tak-tta clean
청소하다 chŏng-so-ha-da clean up
청소 chŏng-so cleaning
청소부 chŏng-so-bu cleaning man
쓰레기 버리기 ssŭ-re-gi pŏ-ri-gi dust-hole
쓰레받기 ssŭ-re-bat-kki dustpan
쓰레기봉투 ssŭ-re-gi-bong-tu garbage bag
쓰레기통 ssŭ-re-gi-tong garbage box
휴지통 hyu-ji-tong garbage box
청소차 chŏng-so-cha garbage wagon
대청소 tae-chŏng-so house cleaning
대걸레 tae-gŏl-le mop
걸레 kŏl-le rag
청소기 chŏng-so-gi vacuum cleaner
씻다 ssit-tta wash
쓰레기 ssŭ-re-gi waste
대형 쓰레기 tae-hyŏng-ssŭ-re-gi waste
물걸레질 mul-gŏl-le-jil wipe with a damp cloth
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