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막노동 mang-no-dong
주춧돌 chu-chu-ttol
건축사 kŏn-chuk-ssa architect
건축가 kŏn-chuk-kka architect
건축학 kŏn-chu-kak architecture
건축하다 kŏn-chu-ka-da build
건설 kŏn-sŏl building
불도저 pul-do-jŏ bulldozer
건설회사 kŏn-sŏr-hoe-sa Construction company
공사 현장 kong-sa-hyŏn-jang construction site
노가다 no-ga -da construction worker
담합 tam-hap consultation
지상 chi-sang on the ground
부실 공사 pu-shil-gong-sa poor construction
재건 chae-gŏn reconstruction
공사중 kong-sa-jung under construction
지하 chi-ha underground
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